1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 5: Fuel System Final Chapter

I had to do something. I couldn’t handle the noise of that obnoxiously loud Walbro pump.

1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 4: Fuel System Update

So, there’s a problem. Despite everything  said in the previous post, and as easy as this Tanks Inc setup was to install, there is one glaring issue: The fuel pump is loud. Very loud.

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 3: Fuel System

With the LS swap, going from your original carburetor to electronic fuel injection will require some changes.

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap – Part 2: Engine In

In this post – in this very long post – I talk about oil pan clearances, engine mounts, and front accessory drives. The 3 things that are key to getting the LS to sit inside that big engine bay.

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap – Part 1: The basics

So, you have a ’67 Impala, and you picked up an LS for a bargain. Now what?

Shine a Light

Mounting Unity post-mount spotlights on my ’67 Impala!

Righting some wrongs.

Long time between posts, but plenty of work has been done to the C10 “Wrongside” and unfortunately, plenty of work needs to be done.


Found myself a new project – a factory built right-hand drive 1967 Chevrolet C10 shortbed pickup.

Baby got new shoes!

So, that separated tyre I mentioned has finally given way.     With new tyres now a necessity,