Righting some wrongs.

Long time between posts, but plenty of work has been done to the C10 “Wrongside” and unfortunately, plenty of work needs to be done.


So this is what I’m dealing with. Underneath it looks like it sat on grass for 10 years without moving. Rust, upon rust.

Outer shock shell completely eroded. The others fair no better.

New idler arm looks a little out of place.

The white stuff is from firbreglass used to patch the inner fender

Even the rust has rust

Dodgy inner fender repairs by previous owner.

Radiator support “repairs”

Barely hanging on

As you can see, pretty much fucked. This left me with only one decision. Strip everything; remove every nut & bolt and start from scratch. The fun begins.

Front end sheet-metal off.

Both fenders, both inner fenders and the radiator support are all fucked and will have to be replaced.

Inner fender “repaired” with fibreglass.

The effort given to the other side was interesting.

Onto the interior. The seats are crap and from something else, so they’ve been turfed. The fuel tank, which I thought was new, turned out to be like the rest of the truck. Rusted on the inside, with a quick coat of paint to clean it up. It’s also been junked and will need replacing.

Interior started. Seats and fuel tank out.

Gauge cluster, steering wheel and column out.

Next thing to be removed was the pine bed. It was a home-built effort using 2 layers of pine. I chisel as a pry-bar, a hammer and a circular saw made quick work of it.

Nearly there!


Got the rest of the interior out.  The cab floor shows a few more surprises. it will also have to be replaced in its entirety. More money.

I’ve outlined more bad repairs. The other side is the same.

Rear cab corner.

The other side.

Shocking effort on the underside of the firewall/side of cab.

That’s pretty much it for now. It’s ready to go the media-blasters get get taken back to bare metal. The suspension and motor will be left in place and removed once their. The amount of rust build up means it’ll have to be blasted before it can be removed.

Here’s a shot of the shed and everything removed.

Bibs & bobs.

That’ll be it for the C10 for a while. I won’t be sending it to the blasters until the replacement panels arrive: Cab floor, both fenders, both inner fenders, radiator support. That way I can send it from their straight to the body shop. Due to their size, and me being in Australia, they have to be sent via ship and will take 2 months to get here once they’re ordered.

Next update will be about AngeliCar. She had to limp home a little while back so whilst she’s off the road, I’ll be making some interior changes (colour).


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