Shine a Light

Mounting Unity post-mount spotlights on my ’67 Impala!

Installed some Unity spotlights on my ’67 Impala recently and I thought I’d post a quick run-through of how easy it was in case anyone else was considering something similar at some point.

2x Unity 6″ Spotlights: Model # 225A-U-I . (250A for 5″ lights)
2x Mounting brackets/Installation kits: # 29 (left side) & # 29RH (right side).

Tools needed:
1/8″ drill bit.
5/16″ drill bit.
1/2″ drill bit.
Centre punch.
Flathead screwdriver.
3/8″ socket or spanner.
Beer (optional)

First thing to do is figure out where you want to mount them. The template that Unity supply for the ’67 Impala I believe to be wrong. It might be correct, but I think it’s a bad spot. They have it mounted right at the base of the A-Pillar (see pic below). Unfortunately, with the length of the shafts, at that height on the driver side the handle would be directly next to the indicator stalk with maybe an inch clearance. That would be annoying and in the way for me so I decided to mount them higher.

The mounting template from Unity for ’67 Chevrolet’s and other GM models.

I decided to mount mine approx. 5 1/2″ higher. High enough the handle isn’t in the way of anything, and low enough so nothing interferes with field of view.

Once you find the spot you like, place the mounting bracket on and mark the 2 holes for the mounting screws. Centre punch them, then drill with 1/8″ drill bit. Place gasket and bracket over the holes and mount with the supplied self tapping screws.

Next, loosen the screw on the side of the bracket and insert the supplied drill bushing, then tighten screw to secure in place. The bushing acts as a guide for your drill to ensure a correct line whilst drilling through the pillar.

Before you start drilling, remove any trim from the inside of the pillar and check for wiring etc and move it out of the way. Then start drilling. To be sure I didn’t ruin the interior trim piece, I left it off whilst drilling. Once I was through and sure I had done it right, I placed the trim back on then drilled through it.

As my luck would have it, right where I decided to drill was right where a screw holding the roof-rail weather strip guide was. Half an inch lower and I would have been fine. I simply removed the screw and placed it lower.

Now you’re ready to install the spotlight. Remove the handle from the shaft via the wedge and 3/8″ wedge screw.

Then slide it through and re-attach the handle. The handle/shaft are connected via alignment cutout’s, so there’s only one way for it go back on. Nice & easy. Re-insert wedge & wedge screw and tighten everything down.

Here’s how mine sit. I placed the bottom of the bracket 5 1/2″ from the bottom of top of the lower windshield trim. If I was to do it again, I’d drop it an 1″ to be sure I cleared the screw from the weatherstripping. Other than that, I’m happy with how they look, and they were stupidly easy to install.

Upright position

“Parked” position

Wiring them up was easy. Each has a single wire, as they’re directly grounded through the post. I ran a wire from each light into a fusible link, directly to the battery.

All wired up


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