1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 4: Fuel System Update

So, there’s a problem. Despite everything  said in the previous post, and as easy as this Tanks Inc setup was to install, there is one glaring issue: The fuel pump is loud. Very loud.

The pump supplied with the kit – a Walbro GSS340 (255lph) – is obnoxiously loud. Even with the supplied rubber insulating sleeve, being placed in the tank, and having a full tank of fuel, I can hear the pump over the idling exhaust from about 30 metres away. That’s just not going to cut it.

Whilst I’ll leave it in there for now until the rest of the car is finished, I will eventually swap it out with either a DeatschWerks or Aeromotive replacement. It will only be the pump being replaced. I don’t need to replace the entire module.

Such a shame too, as the rest of the Tanks Inc kit is fine, and a nice easy setup. If you decide to use their in tank module, I would highly recommend buying it without the Walbro pump (if possible), and sourcing your own pump from one of the above mentioned companies.

Here’s a video I made of mine, so you can hear how loud it is.


After I did a bit more research, I came across another person that experienced the same problem. He swapped his Walbro pump for a DeatschWerks pump, and the difference is night & day. You can see/hear his comparison of the two pumps in the below video.



2 Responses to “1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 4: Fuel System Update”
  1. Jeff says:

    Good info!

  2. Keturah says:

    Hey! Love your blog and I absolutely love Angelicar! Please post more if you can, the info you give is awesome! 😊

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