1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 5: Fuel System Final Chapter

I had to do something. I couldn’t handle the noise of that obnoxiously loud Walbro pump. Advertisements

1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 4: Fuel System Update

So, there’s a problem. Despite everything  said in the previous post, and as easy as this Tanks Inc setup was to install, there is one glaring issue: The fuel pump is loud. Very loud.

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap – Part 2: Engine In

In this post – in this very long post – I talk about oil pan clearances, engine mounts, and front accessory drives. The 3 things that are key to getting the LS to sit inside that big engine bay.

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap – Part 1: The basics

So, you have a ’67 Impala, and you picked up an LS for a bargain. Now what?

AngeliCar: The 1967 Impala LS Swap – Intro

So, the LS Swap. Why?

Shine a Light

Mounting Unity post-mount spotlights on my ’67 Impala!

Baby got new shoes!

So, that separated tyre I mentioned has finally given way.     With new tyres now a necessity,


Few small updates with AngeliCar. Separated rear tyre. Have decided it’s time for new wheels & tyres.

Time to go live!

AngeliCar is officially on the road.

There is Something on my Mind

Impala video time again.