1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 4: Fuel System Update

So, there’s a problem. Despite everything  said in the previous post, and as easy as this Tanks Inc setup was to install, there is one glaring issue: The fuel pump is loud. Very loud. Advertisements

AngeliCar: 1967 Impala LS Swap. Part 3: Fuel System

With the LS swap, going from your original carburetor to electronic fuel injection will require some changes.

AngeliCar: The 1967 Impala LS Swap – Intro

So, the LS Swap. Why?

There is Something on my Mind

Impala video time again.

Where do we go now …

Where do we go from here!

Sights & Sounds

Things Goin’ On

… that you don’t know!

Comin’ Home

Good news … the Challenger has apparently set sail from LA, and has an approximate arrival date of Nov. 22.

Can’t get enough …

This is what happens when you buy your dream car, have 4 months pass, and still not have it – you get agitated, swear more, and then decide the only natural thing to do to help kill the time & your anxieties, is buy another car! Simple!

Bring it on home to me!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!