Shine a Light

Mounting Unity post-mount spotlights on my ’67 Impala! Advertisements


Few small updates with AngeliCar. Separated rear tyre. Have decided it’s time for new wheels & tyres.

Time to go live!

AngeliCar is officially on the road.

There is Something on my Mind

Impala video time again.

Working Man

Impala has been painted and I’ve been spending the last month getting everything back together. Pain the arse putting a car back together that you didn’t strip. Missing clips are all too common, however the worst has been not knowing what order they go on. It’s been a learning curve, but still fun!

Almost there …

Paint it Black White

“A revelation to drive.”

So here is the ’68 Impala brochure, however I’ve also re-uploaded the ’67 brochure. These shots are a little more in focus. Remember, these are for the Australian assembled Impala’s – so there are differences between these and the US offerings.

Work that body!

Impala is finally back in the body shop getting the final prep before paint.

Body Work

The Challenger has had the mass of the posts on here, but as they’ve happened, AngeliCar has progressed – slowly.